Hello, hello.  This time it’s only been 24 days since my last post.  #progress

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Yesterday, I decided that I needed to begin on a journey to get better.  Not better as in “not sick,” but to become a better version of myself.  My 35th birthday will be in less than two months, and while I am happy with my life in general, there is still lots of room for me to grow as a person.  The last few months have been up and down, and after speaking with a couple of good friends, I realize that it’s probably because I have been holding a lot in.

I used to blog more consistently.  It’s definitely a release, and a way to reflect upon experiences.  It’s also good to be transparent.  Of course, everything in life doesn’t have to be an open book; however, we grow together by sharing, for better or for worse.  This has been forgotten, as I have started to feel like less of a human being and more of a human brand.  It ends today.  I will attempt to blog more frequently and more authentically, having been inspired by many of my close friends.

Thank you to all who have shared your insight to the world by hitting the publish button.  I think that I’m ready to re-enter the land of the living.  Save me a seat.

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