Quickie Post! Tech-smash: #PeriscopeEdu and Swivl

About a month ago, I bought the first version of the Swivl.  It’s not the most recent model, but after weighing out the pros and cons, I chose to go retro for a few reasons:

  • It’s $300 cheaper.
  • I am almost surgically attached to my iPhone.  My iPad, not so much.
  • Did I mention it’s $300 cheaper?

After carrying the Swivl around in my suitcase and chickening out for four (count ’em, four) different conferences, I decided to give it a try today at #gafesummit Wisconsin.  Huge shoutout to Tara Linney, who encouraged me to blow the dust off this bad boy and give it a try during breakfast.

There were many challenges while initially figuring out how this thing worked.  The first challenge was getting the battery open on the lanyard remote without breaking it.  Once we got that open (thanks Meghan Haselbauer), we soon found out that the Swivl hardware would only work with iPhone 4 and below (i.e. the 30 pin connector) in order to pair with their app.  I have a 6.  At this point, I was a bit disappointed, but then I realized that I wasn’t married to the Swivl software, and began to consider other options for broadcasting.

The idea struck me to start a Google Hangout on one account, and then to invite myself on the account on my phone.  If that sounds complicated, trust me…it was.

First, I got crazy audio feedback.  This would not do.  Even when I turned the volume down all the way on my phone, I still mysteriously heard something. (Hindsight is 20/20…I could have just muted my computer microphone.)  I also had to click on my phone’s camera from my laptop, to ensure it was the dominant window.

Eventually, after maybe 20 minutes, I got all the kinks worked out.  I could have sworn I had it all figured out.  This was the fix!  But then, it hit me…


This would remove about 15 steps, and numerous opportunities for errors, that I will no doubt make while nerves strike me, as I will set up for my session.

If you feel so inclined, tune in right before 3 pm CST for my live #gafesummit Wisconsin session on flipped instruction.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

(P.S. If you hashtag or @ your Periscope videos and set the app to tweet, your tweet will include the hashtag or @.  I’ll be using #gafesummit and #periscopeedu.)

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