Day One – August 26

Hi everyone!  Here is my experiment in microblogging.  I was inspired by members of the GEG DC Metro Area to keep a daily blog of my experiences during the school year, so here we go.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up, even if it’s just a sentence.

Today was the first day of school.  I was freaking out about it, but it went pretty well.  Class time wasn’t 100% smooth, but it was overall very good.  The kids were excited about BYOD.  I was excited too.  We tried to do Google Classroom, but it doesn’t seem like all the kids’ GAFE accounts are set up yet.  Tomorrow, they will sign up for Edmodo, which they are already used to, so that should go pretty well.

The kids blogged during warm-up.  I let them blog about anything they wanted.  A lot of them expressed excitement over returning to school and being in eighth grade.  Some chose to write about what they did over the summer.  Some wrote about a school tragedy, that they are still coping with.  I probably need to write about that, too.

I tried to do my syllabus in Adobe InDesign and wow them with a video of themselves from a few months back in seventh grade.  It didn’t come out right.  I will have to try again from home.  

I’m excited for tomorrow.  Hopefully the BYOD will go more smoothly, since they now know that they’re able to bring devices.  They will be prepared.  They just called the first set of buses so I’m going to pack up and go home to work on this syllabus, among other things.  Talk to you later.

2 thoughts on “Day One – August 26

  1. A blog every day? Awesome! Can’t wait to read and share with you in your journey this school year. Thanks again for all of the inspiration you provide me with on a daily basis!

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