Day 7 – Ok, I’m reloaded!!!

I woke up this morning feeling really overwhelmed.  My alarm rang at 5:15.  I hit snooze once, then woke up for the second alarm at 5:20.  Then, I laid there in the dark until the snooze rang at 5:24.  Finally, at 5:30, I opened my eyes and participated in #BFC530.  Usually, this is my signal to get up and start my day, but today, at 5:45 when the chat ended, I just hid under the covers.  

This week has been intense to say the least.  I love teaching my kids, but there’s so much other, beginning-of-the-year type stuff going on.  In addition to the regular teacher stress, I am also the Master Scheduler, and the Tech Liaison.  We are in the middle of an Internet hardwired outage.  D’oh!  Honestly, I was pretty close to feeling burnt out, and it’s only the second week of school.

Thanks to my buddy Crystal Morgan from TX, I was able to get my behind in gear and make my exit by 8:15.  I can’t begin to thank her enough for her Voxer pep talk, which started my day off right.  

It continued to get better from there.  Third and fourth periods were the highlights of my day.

This was our lesson.  We didn’t get through all of it, but I kind of expected not to.  I detailed everything we did in yesterday’s blog post.  It rolled out according to plan in both classes…actually even better!

The big surprise for me today was how engaged my students were.  I always have high expectations for them, but today they displayed a maturity that far surpassed what they had ever shown before.  

Again, many thanks to my PLN for introducing me to  The students loved it.  I was brutally honest about my approach, telling students that my teacher buddies introduced me to a new tool.  In addition, I asked them for their help in learning this new tool.  They were so patient and focused, despite a couple of user errors on my end.  Eventually, we all figured it out together.

Today, the students’ behavior was quite remarkable, especially in Fourth Period, the larger class.  I’m not even going to question it, just going to chalk it up to maturity 🙂  And The Item Shop 😀

My batteries are officially recharged. Or in the words of one of my favorite movie characters…

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