I heard a lot of great things about WordPress, so I’m here to check it out. I’m not quite sure what I will do with it. Here are some burning questions I have. Feel free to jump in and help a “teechur” out 😉

Question 1: What the heck is this?
Truth be told, I have no clue.

Question 2: Should I use this replace my Blogger?
I mean, I already have a blog here, but is this better? Or…here’s a thought…maybe I can use them together. Things that make you go hmmm… (Hence the title.)

Question 3: What are the possibilities and limitations?
Every social media outlet has a culture. Forgive me if I commit a few faux pas on my first day lol. But anyway, what is the culture of WordPress? At first glance, it seems quite serious. I can be serious, but that’s not very fun lol.

SBF, 32, enjoys long walks on the beach, seeking anybody to tell me how to use this thing!!! Thanks in advance. Smoochas gracias.